tommaso tani 1

['tom-ma-so] n.m.
synonym: ttan_
antonyms: tomasso

LL.M. candidate at University of Leiden (NL), Law and Digital Technologies.
Ex legal intern in Mazzoni & Associati law firm.
Casual co-founder of Titto and BellBoy.
Passionate about journalism, collaborator of IJF and ValigiaBlu.
Basketball, rugby and freezing places lover.


Born in L'Aquila (IT) in 1988, where he lives until he moves to Turin first, for a short appearance in the Politecnico (Computer Ingeneering), and then finally lands in Bologna, where he gets his law degree in February 2015 with an essay on Communication and Right to be Forgotten. From August 2016 he's a LL.M. candidate in University of Leiden, Advanced Master in Law and Digital Technology.

You can find him on every social network, namely:

You can read what he writes on his Medium profile.

You can contact him via email tani.tommaso[at] or quickly on telegram. Please feel free to use his GPG public key to be more discrete.
Sometimes - when his Raspberry Pi is working good - you can find a mirror of this site at this Onion link

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